Grease Recap


In the month of October I starred as Sandy Dumbrowski in GREASE. This was a complete dream come true!!!! I have wanted to play this role since I was a little girl. The experience was absolutely life changing!! So many beautiful memories. I thought I would provide a little recap on my blog 🙂

TV Appearances
I was interviewed on NM Style on the KASA 2 station with my Danny Zuko, Kelvin Krupiak.



We had such a blast at the station. Everyone was so excited to have us there, we felt like celebrities. One of the anchors sang ‘Greased Lightning’. He knew EVERY word! It was amazing!

I also went to the uPublic station with Doody, Frenchy & Danny which was an early but fun morning!




Performing in front of a live audience is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Grease was on a whole new level. Every performance was almost completely sold out with several being true sell outs. The audience reaction was just amazing. They absolutely loved it and even sang along!

Cast Bonding

The cast of Grease was so lovely!!!! We got so close and made many memories!! Surprise visits from old theatre friends, Halloween, Grease Cookies, Birthday Parties, Sing Alongs and more!

Overall Grease was an incredible experience. There are no words for the joy I received in both performing as Sandy and getting close with this cast & crew!!