Salmon & Hamlet

Good Morning!!

Yesterday began with a wonderful hair appointment at Square Root Salon.

Β squareroot3

I found this gem about four months ago. It was recommended to me from one of my Into the Wood’s co-stars!! My stylists name is Meredith and she is wonderful! My highlights did not come out very well last week so she did a touch up today for free!!

After my appointment I drove over to work. Today I was busy finalizing theΒ Cuckoo’s Nest program as well as creating the Marketing Packet for the cast of Grease. Halfway through the morning I realized I had forgotten my lunch at home!!!! Laaaaaaaaame!!!! Luckily my co-worker Paulette had a Healthy Choice Meal. Not my ideal choice but I needed to eat.


I will say this meal was surprisingly delicious and filled me up! It was only 250 calories and had tons of great flavors. The vegetables were tender and the meat was delicious.


After work I ran a few errands around town before coming home. For dinner last night I had SALMON!!!! Let me tell you I absolutely LOVE salmon! It’s so delicious. I simply roasted the salmon with Vermont Seasoning, then steamed some cauliflower on the side. While cooking I realized that I was having a serious craving…. for a soft pretzel. Luckily I had some in the freezer!!!! I heated it in the oven and there ya have it, my Friday night meal πŸ˜›


That sauce in the little cup is a fantastic new dressing I discovered at Sprouts. It’s Bolthouse Farms Cilantro & Avocado. Yum yum yum!!

After dinner I headed to the theatre with my roommate to see an all male production of HAMLET. Several of my friends were in it so I was very excited to see it!


It was kind an interesting production. It was set in a prison with all of the actors being inmates putting on the play. Several of the actors were playing multiple roles. Definitely an enjoyable evening at the theatre!!


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