Cupcakes & Grease

Good Afternoon!!

Yesterday was a very exciting evening – the FIRST rehearsal for GREASE!!!! I am super excited to announce that I will be playing the role of Sandy!!!! This has been a dream role of mine since I was a little girl. but before we dive into that, lets discuss cupcakes.

I decided I would make cupcakes for the first rehearsal as a fun little treat for everyone!!!! I felt that Vanilla was a safe option. I used my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer to mix the batter.



The mix made about 21 cupcakes



I used pink frosting because…. well the Pink Ladies 😛 They were super cute and the cast seemed to really enjoy them!!


Now on to rehearsal!!!! I was so so so excited to start this production!!! I have many friends in the cast 🙂 I had my own little station where I read from. Look how cute!!



The read through went really well!!It was fast too! We skipped the music so it only took a little over an hour! This cast is incredibly talented and I cannot wait to start working with all of them!!

See you tomorrow!!!!


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